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Google Goes Generic?*

Legal Blog Watch has a brief post about the threat of the Google trademark passing into common usage, or going generic. There’s nothing Google can do about us regular folks using Google as a verb–”I Googled that guy and he … Continue reading

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Today’s pirate is tomorrow’s CEO*

Speaking of piracy, last week David Pogue wrote in the New York Times about The Generational Divide in Copyright Morality. He related how during talks he walks audiences down a continuum of activities that clearly do not infringe copyright at … Continue reading

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Antigua vs the U.S.

I read about this WTO ruling the other day (In Trade Ruling, Antigua Wins a Right to Piracy) and today a reader sent me a link to another article (Antigua wins modest sanctions in U.S. gambling cases). Briefly, the background … Continue reading

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The most striking difference between Maine and home is the quiet. In mid-summer the lake is quiet, save for the occasional ski boat or song drifting from one of the camps at twilight. In the winter, with snow falling, “quiet” … Continue reading

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I’m in Maine this week with the dogs, enjoying the solitude. I’ve been working most of the day. I needed a break so an hour ago I played fetch with the dogs–this time I threw and they retrieved–and went to … Continue reading

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Lists, official and unofficial

This morning, before the 2:00 PM release of the official Mitchell Report on use of performance-enhancing substances in baseball, an email circulated with a purported list of dirty players. Some of the names on the unofficial list did not appear … Continue reading

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Law’s toll

I’ve posted about the legal profession a few times in the past year, focusing on economics for the most part. The personal cost of a legal career does not received the same attention, which is why I recommend Even Lawyers … Continue reading

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