Students Sue

This story about high school students suing made the rounds on Friday: McLean Students Sue Anti-Cheating Service. I’ve not analyzed it closely but their claim–that violates copyrights in their papers and essays by copying them to its database–has some legal merit, and wise-ass ironic flavor to boot. The Volokh Conspiracy blogged about it here, succinctly summarizing the arguments on both sides and predicting has the better of the arguments. I agree that the transformative nature of’s service probably tips the scales in its favor.

An apology for the number of recent posts echoing stories from other sites. A number of things have caught my eye recently but between course prep, exams, and papers I have not been able to get much beyond the surface of anything.


Another headline that says it all: Judge: Ex still due alimony when she becomes he. My first thought is that of course the husband still owes alimony, which is (or should be) a support obligation arising during marriage that reflects the paying spouse’s status as primary earner during the marriage. His ex-wife is still his ex-wife. The operation is not retroactive.

Political Speech

Walking through Boston Common on Saturday evening we saw evidence of that afternoon’s anti-war rally. My friend Peter Vanderwarker had a camera (he always has a camera–that’s what he does) and took a close-up of one portion of a protest statement spread along the walk.

Lucinda, Righteously

Saturday night we saw Lucinda Williams at the Orpheum Theatre. In her two-hour set she sang Rescue, Unsuffer Me, Come On, West and other cuts from West, her new release, plus Righteously, Car Wheels on a Gravel Road, Joy, Those Three Days, and a number of older tunes. A snippet of pre-show conversation: “There’s so much heartache on her new album.” “Yeah, but she does heartache so well.” Her band was great, but for me it’s all about her lyrics and her sound. Each song is a story in which she can drawl, snarl, or plead in that low, raw voice. “Emmy Lou Harris mixed with Janis Joplin,” in the words of my friend.

iTunes Fix

Before my trip I wrote about problems I was having with iTunes on my Windows XP system. Helpful reader comments and suggestions put my on the path to a cure. I (a) uninstalled iTunes, (b) uninstalled Quicktime, (c) reinstalled iTunes and Quicktime (I found no stand-alone iTunes installer), (d) uninstalled Quicktime, and (e) reinstalled Quicktime using the stand-alone installer. (I can’t believe I did all of that without throwing the CPU out the window, but I did.) Then I left for a week. The trip had nothing to do with the fix, but I did forget about the problem. Upon returning I synced my iPod and, for the first time in a month, it synced properly. I was afraid to play iTunes for almost a week because I couldn’t face it hanging again, but yesterday, crazy risk taker that I am, I opened iTunes, pushed play, and . . . it played. No problems yet. Sincere thanks to those who helped.