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Down the Rabbit Hole

Early today I was updating course materials on when the site started throwing error messages at me. Every text edit produced an annoying new error message. It was a perfect day to pursue the source. I’m housebound anyway and … Continue reading

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Me and My Body

Taking stock nine days post-op: I had 3.5 hours interrupted sleep last night, from 4:00 AM to 7:30 AM, the longest sleep in ages.  I felt so much better than yesterday when I was out of bed at 4:30 AM … Continue reading

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Kudos, WordPress 2.7

WordPress is a fully-featured open-source content platform. From the beginning I’ve written this blog on WordPress. (I can’t remember which version of WordPress was my first.) There have been a few bumps along the way, all my fault, and WordPress … Continue reading

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. . . In a Strange Land

What follows recounts an early-December trip to Florida.  I started it then and applied finishing touches today. At 11:00 AM on Saturday I was to be found sitting on the bima of Temple B’nai Aviv with the rabbi, the cantor, … Continue reading

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Randall Absence FAQs

Where u been? This is a professional blog.  Please use standard English. Sorry.  Where have you been? Last Friday, about 12 hours after submitting final semester grades,  I had hip resurfacing surgery at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston. Why … Continue reading

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I must apologize to my regular readers for not posting in 20 days.  (Hey loyal readers, great time at the annual Foolish Consistency Solstice Party!  Next time I’ll drag in a few more bodies so we can play four-person Scrabble!)  … Continue reading

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An article from Friday’s NY Times underscores concerns about the increasing virulence of Internet malware.  “Thieves Winning Online War, Maybe on Your PC” opens with this sentence:  “Internet security is broken, and nobody seems to know quite how to fix … Continue reading

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