What Was He Thinking? Department

USA Today reports that Steven Zahorksy of Bridgeport, Connecticut posted an ad on Craigslist–“Mary Jane in Fairfield County”–offering to sell half-ounces of “A Plus” marijuana for $220 and “B Plus” marijuana for $160. A Stamford police officer spotted the ad, arranged to meet Zahorsky at an I-95 rest stop, and there exchanged $320 cash for three-quarters of an ounce. (I guess there was a $10 discount for the extra quarter-ounce.) Police then arrested Zahorsky whose reported response was, in essence “Wha? Marijuana? Whaddya mean? I stopped for a burger.” In his wallet was $320, in his cellphone was the officer’s phone number, and in his apartment were more marijuana, hallucinogenic mushrooms, a digital scale (are triple-beam balances too old-school) and a shotgun. The moral of this story is _____________________.

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One thought on “What Was He Thinking? Department

  1. He evidently didn’t go to business school. The drug industry is one of the only industries that doesn’t need to advertise. People who need drugs will find people who have drugs.
    Moral: Know your market.

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