Grim Career News: One-Stop Shopping

I have keen interest in the job market for recent law graduates.  My oldest son is looking for a position after his current judicial clerkship ends next fall and a 3L friend is gingerly holding a permanent Big Law job offer, fearing it may disappear with one brief email.  As a service to law students, interested observers of the legal job market, and worried parents The Shark (motto:  “don’t stop swimming.  it’s law school”) has compiled all the depressing info we could find on your future, all in one place, a chart detailing which firms have rescinded offers to 3Ls, deferred 3L start dates, and closed or cut back on 2009 summer programs.

One thought on “Grim Career News: One-Stop Shopping

  1. A friend of a friend who was a fairly new associate at Latham & Watkins in Washington DC recently got laid off. The good news? A six-figure severance package and 6 mos. of benefits.

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