Fred said some days the temperature is perfect, some days the wind is perfect, some day the road is perfect, and some days the scenery is perfect.   Some days two or three of these things combine.  Today, or the first two-thirds of today’s ride, we had all four. Deep blue sky, dry air, hot sun, cooling breeze, wind at our backs, well-kept and smooth roads with few vehicles–and unusually polite drivers in those vehicles, traversing an ocean of grass (a cliche until you see it) with a Rocky Mountain backdrop.   At times we moved at 20-25 miles per hour without pedaling.  It was incredible.

The wind is fickle, though, and a few hours later it hit us anywhere from 90 degrees right to head-on.  Most of the final 30 miles was hard work.  We rolled into Waterton Village about 4 pm tired, parched, sore-legged, and elated.