File-Sharing Litigation Groundhog Day

file-sharing punching bag -Rasset lost for the third time, a Minnesota jury finding her liable on Wednesday for and ordering that she pay damages of $1.5 million.  A 2007 jury trial resulted in a $222,000 damage award against Thomas-Rasset.  She appealed, there was a retrial in 2009, and she lost again:  liability for copyright infringement and $1.92 million in damages to the .  The trial judge reduced that “monstrous and shocking” award to $54,000.  The offered to settle for $25,000, Thomas-Rasset refused, and the tried its case again, which brings us back to Wednesday’s verdict.  Thomas-Rasset’s counsel said she would appeal–to the federal judge who reduced the $1.92 million award.

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One thought on “File-Sharing Litigation Groundhog Day

  1. This story is really too bad. I don't believe that the RIAA should be pushing this case in the way that they are, but at one point there is a limit. Jammie Thomas-Rasset will eventually lose her appeal. She should have taken the $25,000 when she got the chance. Even if she is broke and not able to pay the amount, that's better than not being able to pay over a million dollars! Sometimes its better to play safe when it comes to law, rather than continuously taking risks. That's why plea deals exist.

    Julien Paul

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