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Tough recent press for . Today’s Globe includes these articles:

One positive story–which the Globe fails to discuss clearly–is that the National Institutes of Health issued its risk assessment report on BU’s National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratory, which stands completed but largely unoccupied near the Medical Campus in the South End. The report concludes that “the risks of infections or deaths resulting from accidents or malevolent acts at the NEIDL are generally very low to only remotely possible.” There’s a public hearing on the NIH findings on April 19. I hope this means the NEIDL will finally receive all the permits it needs for its full range of laboratories.

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One thought on “Fix It

  1. I have read the articles about the Hockey case too, but what it thought is that it haven’t even  been proved that he really did it, and BU isn’t the only school with sexual assault problem.  In larger states universities, cases like these aren’t uncommon. I think the reason why the media give it this much attention could be it is related to the Hockey team. I am not saying this kind of problem doesn’t deserve attention, but i really feel there are better ways to present the problem.

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