More Evidence

Speaking of differences between male and female performance in academia and the workplace, I have today’s anecdotal evidence. Six students visited my office hours this afternoon; five women, one man.

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  • Sarah Hu

    Perhaps this can be construed in an alternate manner — female students are less intelligent and thus have more questions to ask. (of course, being a female student, I do not believe this)

    • Dylan J. Kaplan

      If I was the only male student who did visit office hours, does this correlate to academic and work place success? Anecdotal evidence could perhaps be more concrete if  the results of the first mid-term on Thursday were broken down by gender and given a large enough sample size for both genders to be equally compared in the class. This could provide clearer evidence for either argument,  rather than consider  confirmation or clarification questions such as the questions I had during office hours count towards the evidence. -Dylan J. Kaplan