Reality 1, Rove 0

Karl Rove spit the bit when Fox News called the election for Obama last night. Fox’s number-crunchers read the Ohio returns the same way as their counterparts at ABC, NBC, CNN, & CBS. With about 75% of the vote reported there were not enough possible Romney votes, and too many expected Obama votes from heavily Democratic districts, for Romney to overcome Obama’s lead. Rove wouldn’t accept the handwriting on the wall. He disagreed with the data geeks, which caused Fox’s Megyn Kelly to walk down the hall with a cameraman to interview them. They explained their analysis, confirming what the data told them–Romney could not take Ohio and Obama had the necessary 270 electoral votes.

One thought on “Reality 1, Rove 0

  1. Of course Mr. Rove didn’t want to believe Ohio went to Obama, politicians don’t like to be told that they’re wrong, and Rove is no exception.

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