Sidewalk Sam

Few of AFC’s younger readers are likely to know of , although they may have seen his work–colorful, faithful chalk reproductions of iconic and lesser known paintings on sidewalks and plazas around . Sidewalk has been creating his for more than 40 years. I came to in 1971 so I cannot remember the city without the delight of stumbling upon his art. He is still working, despite a mid-1990’s accident which paralyzed his legs. Sidewalk is Robert Guillemin, a mid-1960’s graduate of University’s College of Fine Arts, and BU Today has an article and video about his work and career.

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One thought on “Sidewalk Sam

  1. I think Sidewalk Sam’s work and non -profit organization is a great contribution to the community! My mother and I actively follow and involve ourselves with a group known as the “Creative Coalition” that aims to promote arts in the public systems and fundraising for art programs. One of the US’s largest exports is our films/entertainment, which emphasizes the importance of keeping arts and creative interactions in the public schools, but more importantly in the community. Hope all is well, Happy New Year!

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