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Every Day is the Start of a New Year

2,307 days–from 8-Sep-06 to 1-Jan-13. Six years, three months, 24 days. 1,163 published posts–one post every two days (actually 1.98 days, or 47.52 hours). When I wrote that first post I had no idea how often I would post or … Continue reading

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I Made the Right Call

Sometimes I stumble into the right decision. I reluctantly cancelled today’s office hours and rescheduled tomorrow’s exam via this email to LA245 students: I hate disrupting the schedule. However uncertainties created by Hurricane Sandy make it prudent to reschedule tomorrow’s exam … Continue reading

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At yesterday’s Honors Program retreat I explained why above all else I value student engagement. I prepared my remarks with these notes. If you have ever talked with me about grading you know that above everything else, I value engagement. I … Continue reading

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Having a Harmful Effect, Especially in a Gradual or Subtle Way

Joe Nocera refers to the U.S. News and World Report annual college rankings as “pernicious”–a conclusion that cannot be repeated too often about influential ratings that put too little weight on things that should matter to prospective students and their parents.

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Dr. Silber

In September 1971, a few months after John Silber became its president, I arrived at Boston University as a freshman to attend the Division of General Education–DGE, or “Deege”, which the brochure described as “a two-year honors interdisciplinary program.” Forty-one … Continue reading

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Funding Post-College Dreams

Read this Bloomberg BusinessWeek article on I look forward to the day when Upstart targets our students.

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More Evidence

Speaking of differences between male and female performance in academia and the workplace, I have today’s anecdotal evidence. Six students visited my office hours this afternoon; five women, one man.

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