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Harmful Effects of Violent Video Games

Does playing violent video games increase tendencies toward violence?  Researched published today in Pediatrics, the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, states that it does.  As reported here, “[c]hildren and teenagers who play violent video games show increased physical … Continue reading

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With Security at Risk, A Push to Patch the Web in today’s NY Times reminded me about OpenDNS, a free domain name system service.  The article, which deals with a serious security flaw discovered in the operation of the domain … Continue reading

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Privacy and Security

A story in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal titled NSA’s Domestic Spying Grows as Agency Sweeps Up Data (subscription required) reports that– According to current and former intelligence officials, the spy agency now monitors huge volumes of records of domestic emails … Continue reading

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Predator Fear

David Pogue’s weekly column in the NY Times linked to a PBS Frontline video segment (part of its Growing Up Online series) titled The Child Predator Fear. Unlike most news treatments the Frontline piece does not raise hysteria. It focuses … Continue reading

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What Was He Thinking? Department

USA Today reports that Steven Zahorksy of Bridgeport, Connecticut posted an ad on Craigslist–“Mary Jane in Fairfield County”–offering to sell half-ounces of “A Plus” marijuana for $220 and “B Plus” marijuana for $160. A Stamford police officer spotted the ad, … Continue reading

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Real Player Warning

Stopbadware.org–organized Harvard Law School’s Berkman Center and the Oxford Internet Institute of Oxford University–warns about the privacy failings Real Player 10.5 and Real Player 11.0. The former does not alert the user that its message center feature will display pop-up … Continue reading

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Course wiki projects

Wednesday night I had dinner at Stella in the South End with my former business partner. We dissolved our financial advisory business in 1999 when we both started teaching full-time, me at BU School of Management and David in a … Continue reading

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