I pay most bills online and write very few checks, but today I’ve written three because I enjoy entering this date. How many 12:12 12/12/12 screenshots will there be today?

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  1. WS_Hustler

    Hi — I am a long time, full-retail-price paying subscriber of Trudalane. I wanted to express my disappointment to the editor regarding the last 30 days of content. Subscribers have gotten 1 decent post (regarding shrinking Law School class sizes) and then we got this; I might expect this type of content from free social media outlets like Facebook or Twitter but not from such reputable content provider like yours.

    I am not sure which disappoints me more at the moment — Trudalane or my beloved LA Lakers.

    Holding out hope that this was just a blip.

    Sincerely yours,

    • DavidRandall

      Dear WSH,

      We appreciate your long-time subscription to AFC and apologize for the dearth of acceptable content. There’s no good reason, really, although the Publisher can provide many excuses upon request, some of which are even plausible (e.g., we’ve found the Editor staring out the window muttering *I should have given him the A . . . I should have given him the A . . .*). The Editor promises that once he reads the stack of final papers on his desk, finishes grading exams, calculates course grades, and sweeps away the detritus of the Fall 2012 semester, he will have at least one good post. And as Red Sox fans say, there’s always next year.

      A Foolish Consistency

      PS: Here’s something to sustain you while you wait: images resultsfor a Google search of *


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