I Like My Vanilla Plain

I did a double-take when I saw the picture on a card from the IAPP–International Association of Privacy Professionals. For a reality check on my reaction I handed a card to a student and asked if she noticed anything. She looked at it for three seconds and said “you mean anything other than the lack of diversity?”

IAPP=International Association of Pale People?

“The Puppet’s Court”

A federal court in Cleveland is hearing corruption charges against former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora.  TV cameras are not allowed in the courtroom. Nevertheless a local TV station is broadcasting trial excerpts–by having puppets recite actual testimony. Brilliant idea. I’d like to see the Republican debates in the same format.

When An Image Becomes An Icon

The University of Texas clock tower dominates the northern end of Austin’s skyline. Driving into Austin after dark it’s a dramatic sight.(Linked photograph by Brandon Seidel)

Walking the UT campus by day it immediately conjured images of  Charles Whitman’s infamous 1966 tower shootings, which I remember as the dawn of the era of the mass-murdering lone gunman.