Law: The Cuddly Profession

Here are two recent articles—or more accurately blurbs–of interest to prospective law students, sent my way by a current law student.  Survey: Most Pre-Law Students Confident re Own Prospects, But Dubious About Others reports on the results of a Kaplan Test Prep study of 330 pre-law students:  “52 percent are ‘very confident’ of finding a … Continue reading Law: The Cuddly Profession

State of the Profession

Everyone knows that the legal job market is brutal.  Firms have laid off thousands of associates and staff, cut back on new hires and summer associate programs, diverted incoming associates to public-service positions, and deferred new-hire start dates.  New York-based Stroock & Stroock & Lavan has added a wrinkle to the “how-can-I-miss-you-if-you-never-go-away” minuet:  it is … Continue reading State of the Profession

More on the Legal Divide

In anticipation of my Thursday evening participation in a panel discussion on law school and the legal profession (6:30 PM in the BU School of Management auditorium), I recommend a post from Carolyn Elefant of the Legal Blog Watch Alert that reiterates themes I’ve addressed many times on this blog. Titled “Still Two Sides of … Continue reading More on the Legal Divide

Legal Careers

A comment on my post Not Covered by LSAT Prep takes exception–quite respectful exception–to my statement that “If you can’t assess and accept the risks of spending three years and $150,000 to earn a law degree there is a simple and cheap two-word solution: Don’t Go.”  The poster writes “such a statement may be easier … Continue reading Legal Careers

Putting the J.D. to Good Use

Disgruntled law school graduates recently filed a fresh round of lawsuits claiming their schools misrepresented employment statistics for their graduates. (See this post about similar suits filed last summer.) The suits allege the law schools failed to disclose that the employment numbers for recent graduates included (1) jobs for which a law degree is not … Continue reading Putting the J.D. to Good Use

If Only Kaplan Had a Law-Practice Prep Course

Speaking yet again about obtaining practical benefits from one’s education . . . What They Don’t Teach Law Students: Lawyering in yesterday’s New York Times is required reading for anyone interested in law school, the state of the legal profession, teaching or the economics of higher education. That it reiterates the message of my partner’s … Continue reading If Only Kaplan Had a Law-Practice Prep Course

The Law School Game

From time to time readers accuse me of being too negative about law school.  They exaggerate.  I do not espouse a blanket “don’t go to law school” line.  Law can open interesting and rewarding career paths, provide intellectual stimulation, and enable a comfortable lifestyle.  The key word in the previous sentence is “can.”  I did … Continue reading The Law School Game

Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Trial Lawyers

If you are among the dozens of my students considering law school, and if your knowledge of the legal profession comes from Law and Order and John Grisham novels, and if you imagine you’ll be a trial lawyer because that’s the only type of lawyer you know, and if you picture yourself locked in a … Continue reading Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Trial Lawyers

What Was He Thinking?

Having recently dissed Yahoo!’s event planners, fairness requires mention of a story I read in the Wall Street Journal Law Blog, which picked it up from the Legal Profession Blog.  This past spring Illinois solo attorney Samir Chowhan advertised for secretarial help for himself and another solo on Craigslist–in the Adult Gigs section: Duties will include … Continue reading What Was He Thinking?