A Familiar Face

There was a funny moment in one of yesterday’s classes that passed unnoticed by everyone save me and the person involved. While making a point a few minutes into the class I was surveying the 50-odd faces to see who was there. I was looking in particular for my former business partner who is in town for the week and said he might drop in to the class. I thought I would have noticed right away if he was present because he’s 30 years older than my students, but I rushed into the classroom just before the start time and it was possible I might have missed him. I scanned the back row, passed over a face, and did a double take. I did have a visitor, but not the one I expected. Sitting in his old seat, with his same old wise-ass smirk on his face, was a former student and regular email and Google chat correspondent who graduated last year and was–I thought–working in London. I smiled, he smiled, and I went on with the class. Later in the class he raised his hand and I called on him with some trepidation, anticipating that he would throw some intellectual challenge onto the floor. He made a good observation and I sighed in relief. We caught up after class; he is back in the states to begin an investment banking rotation today in New York. His unexpected appearance was a pleasure.

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  1. nrandall

    Had I been there, I, too, would have noticed this moment. I write this not because I think it’s a particularly profound thing to say, but, rather, because I wanted you to know that I’ve started reading your blogs. Thus, they best be good.

    More insightful posts to follow…

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