An Historic Performance

The first 11 responses to a Google search one minute ago of <historic collapse>–not  <historic collapse Boston> or  <historic collapse baseball> or  <historic collapse sports>–concern the Red Sox’ failure to make the playoffs after holding a 9-game wild-card lead 26 days ago.  Under the first response, from–“With historic collapse, Red Sox miss playoffs“–Google helpfully provides a link to “6309 related articles.”  One need not dive deeply into this echoing tale of woe to read that “Boston became the first team to miss the postseason after leading by as many as nine games for a playoff spot entering September . . .”  The story line is familiar.  Before 2004 it’s what Red Sox fans expected, just one more way for the team to shatter objectively-reasonable hopes. Now the 2004 ALCS comeback over the Yankees, the World Series Sweeps of the Cards and Rockies, the hype about this being the “best team ever”look like feints to set up the biggest sucker punch yet: “the greatest choke in baseball history.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, your 2011 Boston Red Sox.

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  1. Anand Brahmbhatt

    People are also very active on facebook about talking about this. I think out of 50 updates I saw on my “stalker” feed last night, I would say over 80% were about the Red Sox. It’s cool how Google adapts so easily. It’s like it has a mind of its own.

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