BitTorrent-ers Beware

The title to Eriq Gardner’s article states its content efficiently:  New Litigation Campaign Quietly Downloads Tens of Thousands of Movie Downloaders.  The U.S. Copyright Group–“a company owned by intellectual property lawyers that has one singular mission and focus: to stop movie copyright infringement and make illegal downloaders pay damages for the content they have stolen”–, using “a new proprietary technology by German-based Guardaley IT that allows for real-time monitoring of movie downloads on torrents,” has filed five lawsuits against a total of 20,000 [20,ooo !!!] individuals in federal court in Washington, D.C.   The Group is planning to file another suit targeting 30,000 individual downloaders.  Gardner’s article reports that some of the suits have settled, but the U.S. Copyright Group does not appear to be aiming for the $3-$5k settlements typical to RIAA file-sharing lawsuits.  Said the Group’s Jeffrey Weaver “”We’re creating a revenue stream and monetizing the equivalent of an alternative distribution channel.”

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