Blame Me. I’m From Massachusetts*

I’ve disliked Scott Brown, our senator-elect, since the Brown family PR machine started pumping articles about daughter Ayla into the local media about four years ago.  Anyone trying so hard for fame is suspect.  I’ll give him credit for campaigning well, tapping into the fear and uncertainty of a critical mass of the electorate.  Martha Coakley has been a terrific public servant but she never campaigned as if she truly wanted to be senator.  She failed to make an emotional connection with voters, she and her advisors may have taken her election for granted–it’s unthinkable that a republican would take Teddy’s seat, right?–but Brown likely would have beaten any of the democratic candidates.  I don’t believe that all of Brown’s voters endorse of his core positions.  He is too conservative for Massachusetts’ centrist voters who decided the election–and Martha Coakley is no flaming liberal. His victory, raw meat to the rabid right, guarantees more ugly local and national politics–hence this post’s title.

*Most of my readers are too young to understand the title’s reference.  Get up to speed here.

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