Built to Withstand Nuclear War,

but not Eastern European women scavenging with shovels.  The WSJournal reported that recently a 75-year old woman was digging for scrap metal in the Georgian village of Ksani, about 37 miles from Tbilisi, when she struck the “international fiber-optic backbone cable that connects much of the southern Caucasus to Europe,” shutting down Armenian Internet access for about 12 hours and disrupting service in Azerbaijan and Georgia. The cable runs underground long a railroad line.  The woman was arrested and faces up to a year in prison, although the Journal does not report what police charged her with. Scavenging without a license?

How deeply buried is this critical cable?  Six inches?  A foot?  Either this 75 year old woman wields a vigorous spade or the cable is laid alarmingly close to the surface.  I hope terrorists don’t have access to shovels.  They could bring the Caucasus to its knees.

One thought on “Built to Withstand Nuclear War,”

  1. I cannot believe a 75 year old woman could destroy an entire cable. The cable is clearly very weak, unless she had something sharp on the end of her shovel.

    And what could the police charge her with? I doubt she was doing this on purpose. She just wanted some metal. Or maybe she knew that cable was below her so she kept digging to get the metal off of it but I doubt that.

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