By the Numbers

Today was the ninth class session out of 27.  One-third of the semester is in the past.  I will read, comment on, and score or grade about 650 pieces of student writing this semester.  I have completed about 240 of them, or 37%.  I will give about 516 individual exams, most of which will consist solely of multiple-choice questions that are Scantron graded.  About 22% will be scored, evaluated, and graded by the end of this weekend. For the first time students are not completing Internet law case analyses in eleven separate batches, but whenever they have the time and inclination to write them.  Two of the three required analyses are in and some students have completed half of the maximum.  I know most but not all of my student’s names.  I tried to match names and faces during today’s exams, scoring about 90%.  A few students sitting outside their normal area threw me off my game.

I cannot explain why I am being this anal.  For some reason the always-rapid passage of the semester and regular flow of written work made me think in these terms.  I don’t see any lessons. Students may conclude I assign too much work.

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