Ceglia’s Case Crumbling

The Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook has filed papers in Paul Ceglia’s case claiming 84% ownership of the company stating “[t]he purported contract at the heart of this case is a fabrication.” Facebook admitted that years ago founder Mark Zuckerberg performed software coding for Ceglia, explaining the existence of email correspondence between Zuckerberg and Ceglia.  The only reason I thought there was a chance this could be more than a deluded or duplicitous plaintiff’s transparent grab at someone else’s riches was that Ceglia was represented by DLA Piper, a law firm one would not expect to crawl into bed with a low-life con man.  (High-life con men might be another story.) In late June DLA Piper withdrew as Ceglia’s counsel for reasons undisclosed, but clear between the lines: Ceglia’s suit was baseless.  It should just be a matter of time before the court disposes of it for good.

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