Regular readers of this blog will notice ongoing changes in the site’s appearance and functionality.  It starts with the new Twenty Ten WordPress theme, which still requires tweaks to ensure proper display of all existing content and images.  The biggest changes will be in the blog’s companion site, AFC Legal Resources, the home for all of my course materials.  I’m switching from Drupal to a different CMS platform, Concrete5.  I’ve used Drupal successfully for over three years but I’m always at the limits of comprehending how to manage it.  It’s been everything I’ve wanted except easy to use.  Concrete5 describes itself as “CMS for Marketing but built for Geeks.” Any pretensions I might have to geekiness melt within 30 seconds of trying to fathom explanations like this:

This command can strip data out of a database dump which generally shouldn’t be migrated when moving a Drupal database from one site to another.

sed -E -e “/^INSERT INTO `(cache|watchdog|sessions)/d” < /path/to/dump.sql > /path/to/dump-stripped.sql

You will need to tweak the regular expression a bit if your database uses a table prefix.

Clear as glass if you speak the language.  I don’t, and I have no patience for climbing the required learning curve.  Like Drupal Concrete5 is free and open source, but after playing with it for an hour I see it is much easier to create content, edit pages, and administer.  I am sure to create bumps along the way, but if I can make this happen without blowing up the site–I’ve done so before, course materials site’s appearance and functionality should be more friendly.

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