C’mon, Sox

Today I renewed my Red Sox season tickets for the 2010 season.   Always on the lookout to increase my frequent flyer mile account I was happy that the Sox said on the form I could pay by credit card directly at the Sox website.  I logged into the site, found the 2010 season ticket renewal menu, and started through the prompts.  Indeed I could pay by credit card–but only at the gross price, without getting credit for the $3,400 the Sox owe me for 2009’s unused playoff tickets. The process may have provided for this credit later but I chose not to advance past the window that told me my credit card would be charged if I took one more step.  I’ve made the Red Sox one interest-free loan this fall.  I’ll decline the chance to make another.  I logged out of the site and wrote a check for the net 2010 ticket balance.

How hard is it, really, to give renewing season ticket holders credit for unused playoff tickets?  Is this how you cope with having to pay the credit card provider’s merchant transaction fee? Bad form, Red Sox.

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  1. Liam Wilson

    I also have had the same problem as Brian with Nets season tickets. Usually calling a customer service representative will get this solved. I guess they want to make it as difficult as possible to recoup the money for unused tickets. I believe, however, that if you were a Yankees fan this would not have happened.

  2. Brian Chin

    You made the right choice to avoid the hassles of dealing with credit card discrepancies. It is better to take care of these matters in the least complicated way so you can avoid the hassles of being on the phone and being placed on hold forever. When I was in NJ, we had Nets season tickets and I can still recall the hassles that my mom had to go through to get the money back for unused tickets. You made a smart decision.

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