Collateral Damage

I’ll keep this short: reports that Jim Samples, General Manager of the Cartoon Network, resigned today, a casualty of the Boston bomb scare. Samples wrote “I feel compelled to step down, effective immediately, in recognition of the gravity of the situation that occurred under my watch.” Someone from Turner Broadcasting or the Cartoon Network had to fall on his sword over this. My guess is that he’ll be the end of it.

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  1. brendanc

    Obviously, this sort of tactic to portray packages as bombs in the post 9/11 era is unfathomable. It should be expected that the one who oversaw this plan should not be there at work the next morning. Whether or not you want to make the case that Jim Samples is merely being portrayed as the scapegoat, it was under his watch that this idiotic marketing scheme took place.

  2. David Randall Post author

    That’s what it means to be the person at the top. You get credit for things that go well, whether or not you influenced the result, and you get blame when things go wrong, whether or not it is your fault. This is not limited to American culture. In Japan, for instances, top executives resign to take blame for failures.

  3. jtannhau

    This is a prime example of American’s need for blame. Although this “marketing scheme” was completely fruitless and put Turner Broadcasting and the Cartoon Network at extreme risk, the company and the public will not rest until somebody takes the blame. Jim Samples may not have been directly involved in this marketing scheme, but because technically it was under his responsibility, he is the one who has to pay. He is forced to step down regardless of the fact that he may or may not really be responsible for the bomb scare.

  4. Kaiyu Yu

    I wonder how much money this little group of people made buying options. I believe everything has its reason behind it, there must be some big business going under this “threat”. On top of that, he will get a better job offer at some other marketing company.

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