Dogs in the City

Judy, the dogs, and I enjoyed yesterday’s gorgeous late-summer weather on a walk along the Esplanade from Kenmore Square to the Public Garden, then back through the city. At least 15 people stopped us to ask “what kind of dogs are they?” (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers.  Tollers, for short.) We stopped for coffee at the Newbury Street Starbucks near Mass. Ave, where Chordially Yours, a female a cappella group from BU, serenaded passersby, human and canine. The dogs know the location; a now-graduated dog sitter used to take them to the adjacent JP Licks for ice cream, buying a small dish for each to eat on the sidewalk. They got no ice cream from us.

3 thoughts on “Dogs in the City”

  1. Do you or your wife ever get tired of answering the question “what kinds of dogs are they?” My best friend always stops on the street when she sees “cute” dogs/puppies and asks and I tell her that dog owners must all hate her. That was a gross exaggeration, well it is every time, but just something I wonder. I, myself, have been socialized to dislike dogs. I hope that does not offend you. My grandfather was bit by one in India and he helped raise me – and made sure that dogs stayed away from me and vice versa.

    1. Curiosity about my dogs doesn’t annoy me. They are a wonderful breed that combines the canine traits I most enjoy and people are intrigued by their appearance.

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