Don’t Be Stupid II

BU Today’s report that yesterday police were ticketing Comm Ave bicyclists for riding without helmets induced A Foolish Consistency deja vu :  last September’s Don’t Be Stupid, about police ticketing Comm Ave bicyclists for riding without helmets and January’s Sober Reminder, about experienced cyclist and Boston Globe writer Bella English’s crash and serious head injuries.  Personal experience, mine and my friends’ compels me to agree with English’s message:  “sooner or later most cyclists crash. You just hope it’s a soft landing.”  Helmets aren’t foolproof, but it’s foolish to ride without one.

Wear a helmet.

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  1. Anand Brahmbhatt

    One of those things that people who don't actively wear them, once they have a bad experience, will say "I wish I wore it, then." It takes a bad experience to make you realize how much it is supposed to help you. My best friend from back home is so stubborn and thinks that he is so immortal that it frustrates me. He thinks that he's never going to get hurt (he's been in three minor accidents) and still he does not realize how important it is to drive with precaution and care, and under the speed limit [as my dad taught me]. (On a quick side note, my dad always makes me go under the speed limit because he believes that he was saved when a truck hit the front of his car one morning as he was driving to work, and totaled the car so badly that it was half its original size. He left without a scratch and the windshield was shattered glass. The cop called it a miracle, my mom, said it was God). Anyway, back to ranting about my friend, he recently stopped wearing seat belts for short distances, maybe even long distances, who knows I see him only when I am home. I continually tell him how important it is, but he just doesn't listen sometimes but it's one of those things you don't want to learn through a bad experience that you should have been wearing a seat belt because once you have a car accident, it can be really minor or really bad. The law is there for a reason. I'm going to start biking as soon as I get my bike in the mail (this week?) and I'm going to get a helmet. I love my head, I want to protect it.

  2. Andrew Chang

    I commute to school via a bicycle, and a few years ago, I was very close to cracking my skull right on the intersection of St Paul & Comm Ave. Luckily I had a full backpack on, and I landed on my back.. I only walked away with a few bruises & scratches. Following that incident, I immediately bought a helmet and vowed to always wear it. Well, I ended up wearing it only once… I guess avoiding a bad helmet hair is something that I "avoid at all costs."
    Might be a good CORE product idea.

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