It has been many years* since I cast a vote for the President-elect.  I have watched my candidates concede, accepted that I was out of step with the electoral vote, and taken four more years of the other guy.

Not tonight.  I am amazed and pleasantly stunned.  Barack Obama is President-elect.



*I voted for Clinton in ’92 and ’96 but was not elated to do so.  The last eight years have been so bad that 1996 feels like it was many lifetimes ago.

One thought on “Finally!”

  1. I find it interesting that ‘taking a stand’ within the democratic process entails simply doing nothing.
    I agree it seems the most straight-forward method of rebellion as democracy’s goal is to count everyone’s opinion. And if this method were chosen by the majority of Americans, it would likely elicit a change in the government’s candidacy pool… or the opposite, and we’d be subject to rule decided by the minority. -Leaps away from democracy in action, eh?

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