Food Taster Needed?

Last week I opened my BU office to find a gift box of cookies on my desk.  There was no note attached, no signature card, nothing identifying the giver.  Just a box of fancy decorated cookies.  I asked around but no one knows who delivered them to my office.  No one has called or emailed to ask “how were the cookies?”  I assume the giver is female; it is unlikely–not impossible, of course, but unlikely–that a male would give me a box of heart-shaped cookies.  I assume they are benign, yet I’ve yet to eat one.

Would anyone like a cookie?

2 thoughts on “Food Taster Needed?”

  1. How did they manage to get into your office to place the cookies on your desk? Maybe it was a a student trying to bribe you with a ‘sweet’ touch of heartfelt heart-shaped cookies!

  2. After reading this post, I was tempted to write you an email asking how you liked the cookies. But, unfortunately, I would have been lying. What kind of cookies did you receive?

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