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David Randall, shame on you for fixating on such a ridiculous topic. With all the interesting global and legal issues in the world, you have now had 3 entrees about this bullshit–WSHustler comment about my posts on the Boston bomb scare.

This makes it four entries. I’ll save my entrees for dinner, thanks.

So what if the Boston bomb scare is not one of the 20 most important topics facing the planet? This isn’t CNN. (Given the horrid state of TV news I should say this isn’t The CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite, circa 1969.)The scare coincided miraculously (as if I had planned it) with classroom discussions and produced a cultural snapshot of binary responses: young/old, in/out, genius/stupid, good business/irresponsible, Aqua Teen Hunger Force/All Things Considered.

However, I do want to my readers to be happy so I promise to address at least one Important Topic before the weekend, and to give WSHustler a lifetime subscription to A Foolish Consistency. Whether he wants it or not.

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  1. lsbelle

    Like seriously, the ‘e’ is nowhere near the ‘i’ on the keyboard. Entrees and entries aren’t even homophones. There is seriously something wrong with our education system–talk about a serious issue. But on another note, how about the “Atta Girl” butt slap Bush Sr. gives Desperate Housewives’ Teri Hatcher??

    The Feed says it best: “News That Doesn’t Hurt.”

  2. apatidar

    Haha, nice job responding back to WSHustler’s comments. I read his two comments earlier today and was pretty shocked at how angry he was. He got way too heated about the recent posts. Unfortunately, I guess this means I fall under the category of those more concerned with the “bomb scare” than the Celtics. Thats too bad.

    Although, I must admit the youtube clip was rather hilarious.

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