Fun at Fenway

Yesterday’s Red Sox-Yankees game may have been the most entertaining baseball game I’ve seen live.  Not the best baseball, but the most over-the-top baseball show.  The 4 hour 21 minute long game featured six lead changes, 28 hits, 15 walks, 16 runners left on base (12 by NY), 6 home runs, 7 Yankee and 5 Red Sox pitchers throwing a total of 386 pitches (215 by the Sox), over 37,000 fans, and untold sunburns from the first hot day of spring (82 degrees at the 4:10 PM start).  The Sox came back from six runs down in the 4th inning and once they were back in the game I felt they would win.  It was a wonderful day at the ballpark in this new era of the Sox-Yankees rivalry, when the Sox collapse is not inevitable.   Judy and I had a great time but I’m glad I don’t have tickets for tonight’s game, which starts at 8:00 PM because it is on national tv.  I’m still tired from yesterday.

4 Replies to “Fun at Fenway”

  1. ChristinaCaprice

    Jen, Kerri, and I went to the 8pm game on Sunday. Jen & Kerri wore Yankees gear, and we got lots of dirty looks! I stayed out of it!

  2. chenga

    I intentionally planned on going out at 8 that night, thinking the game would be over and the T empty…., it was not to be. I spent about an hour trying to get onto a train/bus…….., can we bring back the pitchers’ duels please? Glad you had fun though, sounded like a great time.

  3. ElizabethHoffberg

    That must have been exciting. I didn’t watch the game, but now I’m wishing I did.

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