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BU Today reported this week that Boston University “received an unprecedented $89.5 million from donors in the fiscal year ending June 30, making it the second record-breaking year in a row.”  The article also reports that “the number of alumni donors jumped 12%,” a record amount was donated to the General Fund, and “a record number of donors in the Class of 2011 gave to their Class Gift campaign.”  This is fantastic news.  BU’s historic lack of alumni giving and engagement have contributed to the University having a lower-ranked reputation than it merits. When Bob Brown spoke to the SMG faculty shortly after becoming president I asked him he planned to increase BU’s alumni giving.  He said that investing in the University’s people, plant, and programs would lead to the increased giving and engagement, that they are effects of improvements in all of those areas.  Looks like he was right.  Every current and former student should applaud this news.

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