I’ve lived in and around Boston for a long time but, until Friday, I had never seen Halloween on the Hill.  On October Beacon Hill is transformed by spooky lighting, cobwebs,  Jack-O-Lanterns glowing in Louisburg Square, and dummies hanging from lampposts into a giant haunted walk.  Thousands of folks in costumes go from house to house, where residents sit on the their stoops or lean from service windows to pass out treats from large buckets.  Barricades and police prevent automotive access from Mt. Vernon, Pinckney, and other streets and the mood is a stew of street fair, Mardi Gras, and old-fashioned trick-or-treating.  Friday evening’s weather was particularly kind and the streets were crowded.  A particularly large traffic jam formed on the corner of Louisburg Square and Pinckney Street where John Kerry greeted revelers on his stoop, under Theresa’s watchful eye.  A strict one-candy-per-visitor was in effect at the Kerry’s, and they passed out the same “fun-sized” candy as everyone else, not full-sized bars.  It’s expensive even with the  mini-candy.  Our friends spent hundreds of dollars on treats and still ran out around 7:30.

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