Hot and Cranky

“The School of Management’s air conditioning system is broken and will not be fixed until May 15, 2.5 weeks away, after final exams end.”  How would you like to be the Building and Grounds head who had to report these facts to the Dean and President Brown?

Like most modern buildings the School of Management relies exclusively on its HVAC system climate control.  Its windows do not open.  A few doors on higher floors open on to terraces or balconies, but whatever air circulation they allow is woefully inadequate.  When the a/c goes down the building quickly becomes hot and stuffy.  The a/c went down yesterday.  In the classrooms, halls, and offices it was insufferable today. I worked out before my first class so my metabolism was revved up when I entered the building.  By the time I opened my office door I had soaked through my shirt, front and back.  I couldn’t stay in my office and went back outside to stand in the wind and try to dry off.  It helped little.  Sweat trickled down my sides throughout the first class.  My clothing mostly dried by my second class but I felt sticky and clammy.  My office was not as bad this afternoon as it had been in the morning, but it offered no relief.  By the end of my third class I was again drenched, sticky, clammy, disgusting, and very unhappy. It was hands down the most physically uncomfortable day of teaching I’ve experienced.

It wasn’t even that hot outside–very humid, but in the high 60s and cloudy.  A few days of 70-80 degree sunshine could make the building uninhabitable.  To help us cope the school is providing complimentary bottled water.  “I’d be so happy if you drank me!  You are looking good!  Have you lost weight?”

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