My iPhone 3GS works fine, and I make and receive few calls I decided to buy the iPhone 4G
I hate shopping, crowds, and crowded shops I went to the Apple Store yesterday
Apple Store salespeople remind me of cult members, like Moonies or followers of EST I stood in line to talk to an Apple Store salesperson
The 60-ish women who helped me was annoyingly enthusiastic and frantically energetic I told the saleswoman “I want to upgrade to the new iPhone”
The Apple Store had no new iPhones in stock I said I’d put my name on the waiting list for a new shipment
The saleswoman brandished an iPod Touch to record my name and email address; after three tries it didn’t work and she went into the back to get another I waited for her to find a working iPod touch.
After recording my contact information she said the Store would email me when the phone came in, but that I would have to respond quickly or I would lost the phone. I said “Got it.  I snooze, I lose.”
It’s common wisdom that ATT’s network is barely, at best, up to the task of handling the iPhone. As soon as I returned home I logged on to the ATT website to upgrade my phone
There’s no reason to believe I’ll receive the phone faster from ATT than I will from the Apple Store I ordered a iPhone 4G
Consumer Reports recently refused to recommend the iPhone 4G because when held a certain way it drops calls I don’t care
My iPhone 3GS works fine, and I make and receive few calls I look forward to getting my new phone

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