Is That a Manatee in Your Pocket?

What do you get when you combine a Conan O’Brien skit about sports mascots, an ad-lib about “,” the pervasive threat of FCC sanctions for sponsoring inappropriate material, digital technology, and cheap domain names? You get an actual Horny Manatee website with 3 million hits in one week, an outpouring of fan-created horny-manatee themed art, what O’Brien called a “weird comedy dialogue with the audience,” a New York Times article titled So This Manatee Walks Into the Internet, and this week’s (or today’s, anyway) Internet phenomenon.

3 Replies to “Is That a Manatee in Your Pocket?”

  1. ppham

    I cannot deny that the Conan clip wasn’t comical. The manatee poem made me laugh whether or not I wanted to, similar to the Borat movie. However, I agree that it is a little disturbing how many people would rent or buy a giant manatee costume, take bizarre poses with it on, and then post pictures online. I wonder if comedy -though it may be subjective to different peoples’ tastes- today would be considered comedy generations ago. In fact, this makes me wonder about the entire evolution of comedy, and how a 7 foot dancing manatee did an effective and rather great job of making me laugh.

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