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  1. student330

    JIBJAB does a great job parodying politics and other issues in need of reform within the US. Their parodies on the United States presidential elections were very comical as well.

    I think this particular clip rings a cord because network news today does not add value to the lives of news viewers. Real news, or news about world events, politics, technological advances, breakthroughs in academia and business, and sports highlights are not as popular today as news content as it was in the past. This is partially due to the need to improve network ratings in order to raise advertising revenues. Basically news programs are selling out to the public and advertising companies by airing gibberish about celebrity gossip and reality television. Large networks like ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS have decreased the percentage of air time given to news that actually means something to the public. This trend is especially obvious during the 7-10pm time spot, when high ratings are especially sought after.

    In order for someone wishing to learn about the world and keep in touch with current events to actually do so, one has to watch specialty news programming on CNN or Bloomberg. Personally, I read all my news online with BBC, CNN, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal to avoid the nonsense on television and avoid mindless advertising. If this trend in news programming continues, people actual interested in current and world events will lessen the time they spend watching network news because of its decreasing credibility.

  2. antoinethony

    The media in America are given more importance than that they deserve.
    Some thinkers claim that the television medium in particular – at least in its current purpose – aims at creating couch potatoes of its viewers. This would lead to detachment of individuals from the political and economical affairs of their nation. The media would feed the public useless information about Britney’s new hairstyle and her pussycat. Well, all I can think of is “who cares?”
    It might be due to my upbringing in a politically and economically unstable country that I find myself less concerned about Britney. Nevertheless, knowing about Britney’s issues would not eliminate my personal problems no matter on how many channels she is talked about or how many magazine cover pages she’s on!

    What is tragic is that Americans do not know what is happening in their own country. The entire world knows about events that happen in America while Americans are busy worrying about another celebrity breakup.

    The media are a major aspect in society. Although limitations on any ‘news’ medium would conflict with an individual’s freedom of speech and expression, I find myself appreciating the censorships some countries place on subject matter that needs to appear on the media.

    I think that we do not need couch potatoes in the world’s greatest democracy.

  3. akshaytandon

    There are no “headlines” about the fed. All you have to do is open up your Yellow Pages and you will see that the Federal Reserve is not listed under governmental organizations but listed as a private organzation, close to Federal Express.

    It was extabilished on December 22, 1913 as a private bank that has the monopoly over the US currency, by Woodrow Wilson.

    I do have subsciption to BBC but don’t give much credibility to its political stance either.

  4. WSHustler

    Did Akshay just say the federal reserve is privately owned? I must have missed that news headline, was it a leveraged buyout?

    Last I checked the broadcasting companies were for-profit entities. The fact that they make billions of dollars and their top headlines are Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, etc… is a testament to what people want to watch and the stations cater to the audience.

    If you want something that better reflects real news, get a subscription to BBC World.

  5. akshaytandon

    Lets face it. The ‘main stream’ media in the country is controlled by about 5 people. There are conspiracies that everything that is delivered through the main stream media has a filter put by what these 5 people think we should know and not know.

    Unfortunately, the same 5 people are independant of any long term political affiliation but are permanently affiliated with international bankers, the Federal Reserve (unfortuately also privately owned) and the council of Foreign relations of several western nations.

    Maybe there is alot that we are not ‘suppose’ to know as decided by these people that are not serving public interests, but their own. Maybe the news that we are presented is best for us because maybe we can’t handle the reality of what is really happening in the world.

    LL puts it perfectly,

    “…WE, the most powerful bemocracy in the world, have developedd a strong norm against talking about politics. It’s fine to talk about politics with people you agree with. But it is RUDE to argue about politics with people you disagree with. Political discourse becomes isolated and and isolated discourse becomes more extreme. We say what our friends want to hear, and hear very little beyond what our friends say.”

    TODAY In The News
    Ian Thorpe
    Lorena Ochoa
    Michael Phelps
    Bob Woolmer
    Robert Mugabe Alberto Gonzales
    Roy Hibbert
    Serena Williams
    George W. Bush
    Justin Timberlake


  6. afm

    It’s more depressing than funny. We have entire websites, magazines and TV shows centered on celebrity gossip. I could tell you more about Paris Hilton than the state of the war in Iraq. I think I’m going to be sick.

  7. brendanc

    Apatidar couldn’t be more right. Also, the American people are so much more caught up on the unimportant things in life than any other country in the world. We focus on material possessions and less on what really matters in life. Developing nations… even tribes in Africa are able to give more of themselves than we come close to. People like this maintain a sense of humility in what they do. This whole mind-set and culture that we have created here merely has been translated to the news. Should it be surprising that we see our culture reflected in our news?

  8. apatidar

    Funny yet ironical true. The quality of news has definitely decreased over the years. The amount of coverage of the whole Trump-O’Donnell argument was a little ridiculous considering it was just bickering and name-calling. A lot of times when I tune into the news, I get more of the lastest celebrity gossip (i.e. the most recent star to be admitted into rehab or Britney’s newly shaved head) than actual stories about important national or world events. I feel like the news have been put on the back burner because people just don’t really care anymore to be updated on recent world happenings. The decrease in actual news directly correlates with people’s lack of concern over current events such as wars or genocides. So we can’t really blame anyone but ourselves. If people showed more interest, then the news stations would act accordingly and feature more “actual news” and less of the “other stuff.”

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