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  1. milutinm

    I will have to disagree and say that it definitely takes more than a week to “dig out from vacation”. Well, at least for me. I went to Croatia last summer for two months, and I am going back this summer also. It is hard to leave and harder to come back, but you get used to it. Staying in one place can never be a better option.

  2. brendanc

    I disagree that “we should either stay where we are or stay away.” I’ll be going to Africa this summer for a couple of weeks doing some missionary work in Tanzania. I think coming back will definitely be hard, but that’s part of the reason why I want to go. It’s a learning experience. I think adjusting to life back in the States will take time adjusting to the luxuries we are blessed with here compared to the poverty elsewhere in the world. While I agree with you that leaving will be hard, it shouldn’t mean that we should not experience such a time. I probably will form close bonds with the villagers there and it will be extremely hard to leave, but the memories and life lessons I bring back will last a lifetime. As Laird Hamiltion once said, “Do not be afraid of death. Be afraid of the half-lived life.” I don’t mean to be preachy but seriously get out there and experience life — if we just stay home and maintain a cautious and secluded existence, nothing in this world will change.

  3. Daniel K

    I definitely agree that coming back is the hardest part of vacation. However, I believe that the more often you travel, the easier it is to get accustomed (both home and to a new place). For example, freshman year I used to go to NY all the time and liked it so much that I’d be almost depressed every time I have to come back to BU. I still visit home a lot, but I’ve gotten used to coming back to school and it only takes a few hours to get re-accustomed lately. Also, you should probably take into account how long you stay away. When I went to Italy for 3 weeks, last summer, I was very ready to come home and see some Americans on the last day.

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