Kudos, WordPress 2.7

WordPress is a fully-featured open-source content platform. From the beginning I’ve written this blog on WordPress. (I can’t remember which version of WordPress was my first.) There have been a few bumps along the way, all my fault, and WordPress support has always shown me how to solve my problems. Its interface is intuitive and clean. Always a happy user, the latest version of WordPress has blown me away. I’m just catching up now with the upgrade because other things have grabbed my attention recently. The program responds much more quickly when creating and editing posts and the interface is superb, incorporating many features that were only provided before by plugins. Upgrading from earlier versions could be tricky but WordPress 2.7 contains an automatic upgrade feature. Various administrative screens are customizable, menus wonderfully intuitive, and the entire look and feel is clean and professional. Big points for open source.

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