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I don’t know whether it is the result of a demographic trend or merely my anecdotal experience but I spend more time each year advising prospective law students. I would not like being an official Law School Advisor with responsibility for hundreds of students I knew only on paper, but I enjoy counseling students I’ve gotten to know through class. I don’t hide the fact that I’ve not practiced law for some time. My cachet is my zig-zag erratic varied interesting career from Big Law associate to college professor, with stops along the way as general counsel, risk manager and workout specialist, and financial advisor. I’m a long way from law school so I keep up vicariously, through a number of former students and a son who is currently a 3L. Former students who enter law school are great for a while, until being a 1L catches up with them and they disappear. I’m always looking for new law school information channels, which is why I appreciate an email I received over the weekend. At the suggestion of Jesse R., frequent former student (he was on the “take ten courses and the eleventh is free!” plan, although he never finished punching the ticket) and regular reader, I’ve added two law-school related blogs to my Blogroll: Law School Blogger and Overheard in Law School (see links at right). I’m happy to add more, if anyone has other favorites.

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