Love That Nasty Salmon

Google Voice gives users a phone number that can dial multiple phones when called.  Mine rings my mobile, home, office, and Maine numbers.  I’ve given it to my immediate family and close friends so they don’t have to chase me if they want to get in touch.  If I don’t pick up one of the phones Google Voice records the caller’s message, transcribes it, and texts the transcription to my mobile.  I can also listen to the message at the Google Voice website.  A text message of the transcription is great in theory.  Current transcription software is not great in practice.  Here’s the transcription of Judy’s voice mail asking that I buy fish for dinner for my sister’s visit.

Hey there. Let’s see, it’s me and when you get this on the way home so we need tomorrow night for one. Barbara 20, just pick up and I think you know, big nasty nice piece of salmon. Hey potatoes in brussels sprouts, so we have to rest okay. Thanks.

“Big nasty nice piece of salmon.”  It makes one’s mouth water.

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