Men Behaving Badly

Sometimes I just don’t know what to say.  Philip James Conran of West Hartford, CT faces various criminal charges after he confessed to placing a Craigslist ad titled “Looking for lust,”  seeking multiple partners to fulfill a group-sex fantasy–and providing the address of a neighbor with whom he was feuding.  Strange men started driving past her house and parking on the street; strange and bolder men knocked on her door.   She called police, who tracked down the accused through Craigslist and his ISP.  One respondent went to the wrong address and fondled a teenage girl. Police arrested and charged him with sexual assault and other crimes.

There’s a depressing amount of vile behavior in this little story.

One thought on “Men Behaving Badly”

  1. Just wait till the day that facebook has to be linked up to your passport… and that all postings would likewise be linked to facebook (like this blog)…

    I think there's a trend of authenticity going about in the world, where we want to know the true source of everything we eat, consume, or read about. Grown in an organic farm. Handicrafted in a child-labor free environment. Non-genetically modified foods. Produced in a country whose policies you're comfortable with.

    Hopefully that spreads to the internet. It's not to say anonymity would disappear entirely, but the tweens would distrust anyone who's not willing to link their true identity to their "net identity"….

    At least I think there's hope =)

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