Mental-Health Break

I’ll repeat:  April is a tough time for blog posts.  Students lament the crush of projects and papers they must complete in the weeks before semester-end; teachers lament the piles (literal and digital) of projects and papers we must grade.  [I feel there is an obvious win-win solution staring me in the face, if only I were smart enough to see it.]  The work interrupts sleep and exercise regimens, we drink too much coffee, and a warm spring day feels like a cruel trick because we cannot enjoy it without paying a price.  I have over 30 browser tabs open with articles, cases, blog posts, and other stuff I want to write about.  They will have to wait.  I have a case to edit and post (which idiot assigned an 8o-page case for the last day of class?) and a smorgasbord of papers to read.

I am not complaining, just statin’ the facts.  I will be done in ten days.

Back to it.

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