Music Mishegas

It started last week. I synced my iPod and noticed that a half-dozen podcasts failed to transfer from the hard drive. Around the same time iTunes started to crash without apparent cause: when I double-clicked on iTunes playlists, when I played music from the iTunes library, when I updated podcast subscriptions from the iTunes window. Within a few days iTunes would crash as soon as I played anything. I uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes three or four times (I lost count, it was so much fun). No change. I Googled “iTunes crashes windows XP” and “iTunes troubleshooting” and found a number of similar tales but no explanation or solution. I tried some of the suggested fixes–deleting the iTunes program folder, adding “.old” to the iTunes library program files–but nothing changed. I’ve updated and run my antivirus and antispyware programs and run Registry Mechanic three times in the past seven days. I’ve ignored the suggestion to reformat the hard drive and reinstall Windows XP, iTunes, and every piece of software, testing after each to identify the culprit. If it comes to that I’ll throw the computer out the window to have the satisfaction of hearing it shatter, and buy a new one.

Now it gets weirder. I wanted something to play music files and installed Winamp. I also installed Anapod Manager to manage the music library and iPod files. The first few times I played music on Winamp it worked fine. I don’t like the cluttered, busy, teeny-weeny interface but it worked. Until it didn’t. Last night, clicking on a file to play it, Winamp crashed. It crashed three more times, just to make sure I got the point: your music files are screwed up. The questions are why?, and how do I fix the problem?

Maybe I should dust off the turntable and pull the albums out of the basement.

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  1. student330

    My brother’s IPOD video shuts off immediately after he plays any video content on the device. It seems that there are random glitches with the hardware as well. Still, according to him, Apple is open to discussing any malfunctions with its hardware and software. If this problem with iTunes persists, you might find it helpful to contact the company directly. Since Apple wants to retain long-term customers, it might already know about the problem and have suggestions or a security patch to fix it. This may be a good last resort measure. If no other suggestions work, you should try this despite the fact that I know how difficult it is to talk to a technician for twenty minutes on the phone or exchange a bunch of tech jargon filled e-mails.

  2. jtannhau

    Too many people place their trust in the itunes/ipod frenzy. For three years now I have owned a creative zen touch (mp3 player by a different company) and have yet to have a problem with it. I have not met one person who owns an ipod who has not come across at least one problem. Creative actually sued Apple for infringement on a patent. Just because began with a better marketing scheme does not mean one should necessarily trust their company. Several people have complained about their ipods breaking down shortly after their warranty expires. Either Apple knows their faulty product very well, or does not know how to make a good product without copying somebody else. You have to look at this evidence and ask yourself if you are willing to help support a company with ethics such as these. As for your Winmap problem, i have no idea. : )

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