My Bike Travels On

I returned from my bike trip (see here and here) almost a month ago.  Veloce Bicycles in Portland (excellent store)  packed our bikes and FedEx delivered them to my house last week–except for mine.  I was in Maine when FedEx arrived and didn’t learn my bike was missing until Monday morning.  The tracking data showed the bike arrived at the FedEx Portland facility on July 2, and then nothing save a cryptic note it was being returned to Veloce.  FedEx did not return it to Veloce and could not tell me where it was.  Finally, after three days of calls (on a 1-10 scale with 10 high, I am pleased to report my testiness didn’t get higher than 3.5) I found myself on the phone with a woman from the FedEx facility in Connecticut.  My bike got as far east as Willington, CT–so close!–before label problems stopped its progress.  My bike case had two labels, a delivery waybill inside a FedEx pouch (if you’ve used them you know these pouches grip like grim death) and an ID label completely covered and taped to the case with overlapping strips of 2″-wide clear plastic shipping tape.  Somehow both labels fell off.  Hard to fathom, since they were attached to the case in different spots that would not be subject to the same abrasive forces simultaneously, but that’s FedEx’s story and they’re sticking to it.  Because FedEx didn’t know where to deliver the bike case or who to call they sent it to their national lost and found–in Salt Lake City, 2/3 of the way back to Portland.  Must be one big building.  There FedEx located my errant bike last night.  It starts eastward today.  Some bike.  It didn’t even send a postcard of Temple Square.

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