Nice try, but . . .

British Farmer Robert Fidler wanted to build a castle. Not metaphorically, as in “a man’s home is . . .” but literally. Local laws forbade building in the zone where his castle was located but Fidler is not one to have his wishes turned aside by mere regulations. His solution was to erect a huge pile of hay bales, cover it with blue tarps, and secretly build the castle inside. He figured that as long as he kept its existence secret he would be protected by a law that protected a non-conforming structure if no objections was made to it within four years. Such it-almost-makes-sense-but-not-quite reasoning is common among those trying desperately to evade regulations–the regulation on which Fidler hung his hat is premised on the non-conforming building being visible and tolerated by those who might object to it. A secret building hidden inside an enormous blue mound doesn’t cut it. See the story and pictures, but don’t be surprised if you remain puzzled after doing so. This is an odd story.

One thought on “Nice try, but . . .”

  1. But now that Fidler built his castle, what town council is honestly going to try and fight him? He has a friggin’ castle…with cannons!

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