No Such Thing as a Baaaad* Dog

Japanese fooled in poodle scam* They discovered the scam when the “dogs” shrunk after being left out in the rain.

*Thanks, WSH.

UPDATE:  The wool was pulled over my eyes.  I was fleeced.  It’s shear nonsense. debunks the sheep-poodle story here:

Too bad that such a mother lode of puns aint’ real.

4 Replies to “No Such Thing as a Baaaad* Dog”

  1. Daniel K

    This article is pretty hilarious. In a sense it goes to show how the people that carry dogs as “fashion accessories”, or at least thought they were, are not the smartest bunch. Regardless, have the ‘victims’ been getting their money back?

  2. afm

    This is priceless!

    *A little disturbing that dogs are considered fashion accessories. I thought that breathing canceled out that option. It’s a dog, not a purse. -I’m glad karma came around for our Japanese fashionistas…

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