Nod Once for Yes

The Supreme Court Bobblehead collection doubled this week when Justices Souter, Kennedy, and Scalia moved north after a long, pleasant stay in rural Maryland.  The new arrivals join Justices Rehnquist, Stevens, and O’Connor in my office.  Also joining is a mystery Bobblehead rumored to be on the short list to replace Justice Stevens–a selection that would quiet critics of the Court’s lack of species diversity.

One thought on “Nod Once for Yes”

  1. So after a brief session of Google searching, I learned about how these bobble-heads come from "The Green Bag" and are extremely rare and hard to obtain (~2,000 made, lottery distributed redemption tickets, in-person retrieval). This makes their cool factor significantly greater and I now have a greater sense of awe at the fact that you have so many!!

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