Off to the Great Acorn Cache in the Sky

Earlier this morning I was writing an email when I heard a loud explosion and the power went out.  I went outside and searched in the direction of the boom, expecting to find a smoking transformer.  The neighbors also came outside, to speculate about the cause.  We are no strangers to losing power, but usually it happens during a snowstorm when a falling branch or tree cuts a line and our cul-de-sac is lightless for hours or days.  I called NSTAR to report the outage and discovered a more user-friendly process than I’d used before.  The automated system took my number, promised to call with updates, and followed through.  I received a call to report that NSTAR dispatched a repair crew and power should be restored by 10:30 am, another call to report that the repair crew was on the scene–immediately after which the power came on, well before 10:30–and a final call to report the outage’s cause:  an animal, most likely a squirrel, short-circuited the connection between transformer and wire,  just 200 feet from where I write.  This happens often in Maine–when we report local outages the first thing the Central Maine Power repair crew does is drive slowly down the camp road, looking for a blackened transformer and smoking squirrel carcass.  It’s comforting to know the cause was so prosaic, so physical, not a failure from a million Google searches for <lady gaga>.  Comforting for everyone but the squirrel.

Meanwhile I consider whether to drive to school for office hours.  The snow is forecast to begin falling in earnest at 1 pm and continue through the evening.  The drive in won’t be the problem.

I’ll decide at noon.

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